english for busy people.

English for curious minds.

English to help you communicate with the world.


Hi!  I’m Audrey.

I’m Australian. A mother of two small children. 

I love languages and inspiring people to make language learning part of their life.

Life is busy, right?

Maybe you think there is no time for studying English.

Let me challenge you:

You can find time for English.

You can enjoy learning English.

You can communicate with the world.

The secret to learning a language is: having fun.

A polyglot, Lydia Machova, in her Ted Talk about “The secrets of learning a new language” said that the secret that all polyglots had in common was:

They make language learning fun.

They do the things that they enjoy.

Let me help you find the joy in your language learning.



A coach in your pocket

I’m here for you with constant contact via Whatsapp or email.

Not only answering questions, but keeping you motivated.

Easy to book video calls means I’m always by your side.

Daily activities

5-10 minutes tasks that you can literally do “on the run”.

Tasks which focus on communication skills to get you speaking and understanding more.

Record your response.

Complete short speaking activities by voice or video recording.

Send them to direct to me via Whatsapp or load them into your Digital classroom.


Teacher feedback

Receive feedback and corrections on accuracy, pronunciation and recommendations on better ways to communicate what you want to say.

Your daily calendar

Access your daily activity, direct on your phone through Google Calendar.

Complete the activity in your own time.

One to one lessons

Book a video call to put your learning into practice.
Even for just 15 minutes.

There’s always time for practice!


Audrey is really professional and dedicated to your learning. 100% recomendable.

Emilce Martinez, Radiologist

Audrey created a study programme perfect for my needs as a restaurant owner. It's a really interesting way to learn English.

Moises Plazas Cebrian, Restaurant Owner

I used to think I was the problem. Now I realise that I just hadn’t found the right teacher and the right way to study. I’m practising my English regularly with interesting materials and regular Skype calls that are booked in to fit into my schedule.

Gianni Origgi, IT Director

I took an intensive one-to-one business english course with Audrey. I really appreciated her teaching skills, focused on my real needs. Audrey demonstrates empathy and excellent communication skills. She has a good knowledge of the business environment that, helps during learning process.

Gianluigi Bernadi – General Manager, Executive Coach and Speaker.

Practice on a regular basis

The more you put your English into practice on a regular basis, the easier it becomes to communicate and understand, if you just study once a week, it’s difficult to make big improvements.

Relevant content

Learning a language needs to be relevant to your life. Vocabulary and expressions that are relevant to you, things that you can use.

Fits your Schedule

Language learning needs to evolve with our busy lives. It needs to be flexible but personal, it needs to fit your schedule. A schedule that is probably changing on a weekly basis, or even daily.







Let me help you enjoy your English language journey.

I’ve been teaching for more than 15 years.

I have a degree in Marketing and Management and a CELTA qualification to teach English as a foreign language.

I packed my bags for Itay when I was 31 in search of adventure. I wanted to travel and try teaching English.

I found my passion. 

A job where every day you can laugh and every day you are in contact with people.

Previously, I had a desk job, looking at numbers and organizing things. Something was missing. It was people.

I love to get to know my students, their stories and why they want to learn English.

Learning languages opens doors to the world.

A student recently said, “Now, that I know English I feel confident to travel the world”.

That makes my heart sing! That’s what I want for everyone.

“You’ll have me as your personal trainer making sure you’re staying on track.

You’ll receive activities direct to your phone designed to improve your vocabulary,

your communication skills or whatever specifically you need to work on.

You can decide how much teacher contact you want.”