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I just hadn't found the right programme for me

With Audrey’s programme, I got back my enjoyment of studying. I’m practising with real-life materials and speaking regularly.


Gianni Origgi, IT Director

Dynamic and stimulating

The Daily Workout, Audrey’s programme, is very stimulating for professionals who want to study English in a flexible way. Every week new topics and language insights on current topics with a business approach. Audrey sets up plan that suits the individual’s needs and goals.


Chiara Cirella, User Experience Designer

Big improvements and lots of learning


I have learned a lot these months with Audrey, and notably improved my level of English with her, thanks to her teaching method and all the material available to accompany the classes. She is also charming and in her classes, I learn and have fun at the same time. 


Gema Berrocal, Head of Human Resources

How to remember vocabulary more easily

Do you find it difficult to remember new vocabulary? Or maybe you find it just a boring activity. Let's face it. It's not that interesting reading over your notebook and trying to memorise expressions. Maybe you could load them into Quizlet or Anki but I honestly...

What is the shadowing technique and how can it help me?

How can the shadowing technique help you improve your English?

Have you hit a plateau?

What do you do when you feel like you’re English isn’t improving?
Here are 5 tips to get you back on track!

Synonyms: it’s so simple but so effective!

Learn more English vocabulary with this quick tip about synonyms.

Record myself speaking in English?! No way!

Let’s look at the reasons why it could be good for you to try recording yourself speaking English.

So, you want to learn and remember new vocabulary?

Many times I’ve seen students without any plan for learning and remembering new English vocabulary. Here I share 5 tips that help me do it. Maybe they will work for you too.

5 expressions to talk about saving money

5 useful expressions in Engl for talking about saving money.


Let me help you enjoy your English language journey.

I’ve been teaching for more than 15 years.

I have a degree in Marketing and Management and a CELTA qualification to teach English as a foreign language.

I packed my bags for Itay when I was 31 in search of adventure. I wanted to travel and try teaching English.

I found my passion. 

A job where every day you can laugh and every day you are in contact with people.

Previously, I had a desk job, looking at numbers and organizing things. Something was missing. It was people.

I love to get to know my students, their stories and why they want to learn English.

Learning languages opens doors to the world.

A student recently said, “Now, that I know English I feel confident to travel the world”.

That makes my heart sing! That’s what I want for everyone.