Personalised English Learning for BusY Professionals




Do you feel like there is never enough time to study English?

Are you tired of those boring English courses that your company offers?

How about those private tutoring lessons where the teacher wants you to talk about the latest Hollywood gossip and you’d rather be at home watching Netflix?


Believe me… I understand your pain!


So many times I’ve been bored in my Spanish or Italian classes, studying vocabulary that just didn’t seem relevant or talking about issues that just didn’t interest me.

I’ve also tried out lots of apps online to help me improve but it’s always difficult to find interesting content or keep myself motivated to continue studying.

 So in 2018 I decided that I wanted to try something new, I came up with “English on the Run”. English learning that comes direct to your phone, personalised to your interests and customised every week depending on how you are doing.


Create a study profile

What are your goals? Let me get to know you better by completing a short questionnaire. I’ll create a study plan based on your interests and needs.


Receive direct messages from me

I’ll be in contact every day with a new activity. Simply by using WhatsApp or another messaging service, I’ll send you exercises to do, send you corrections and sometimes just say hello, how are you?!

Watch, read, do quizzes and communicate

Receive fun and interesting exercises every day. On average, each activity takes 5-10 minutes. You can literally do them “on the run”.

Record or write your response.

Let’s get talking! I’ll ask you to record a video or voice message to put into practice what you’re learning.


Get feedback on how you’re doing. I’ll correct your mistakes and suggest different vocabulary or new ways of saying things.

One to One Lessons

Just book an online call/video conference even on your coffee break for 15 minutes. Practice makes perfect!

Make Your Progress a Priority.

I certainly will.

Practice on a regular basis

The more you put your English into practice on a regular basis, the easier it becomes to communicate and understand, if you just study once a week, it’s difficult to make big improvements.

Relevant content

Learning a language needs to be relevant to your life. Vocabulary and expressions that are relevant to you, things that you can use.

Fits your Schedule

Language learning needs to evolve with our busy lives. It needs to be flexible but personal, it needs to fit your schedule. A schedule that is probably changing on a weekly basis, or even daily.


You’ll have me as your coach making sure you’re staying on track.

You’ll receive messages direct to your phone designed to improve your vocabulary,

your communication skills or whatever specifically you need to work on.

You can decide how much teacher contact you want.


Audrey Smith





Language learning that you can do wherever you are, whenever you want.


100% Recommended! Audrey is really committed to her students and helping them improve. An excellent teacher. My conversational skills are improving day by day.

Emilce Martínez, Radiologist

I used to think I was the problem. Now I realise that I just hadn’t found the right teacher and the right way to study. I’m practicing my English regularly with interesting materials and regular Skype calls that are booked in flexibilty to fit into my schedule.

Gianni Origgi, CIO

Audrey gets to know you, your needs and priorities and prepares materials which are focused and engaging to ensure you progress quickly.

Natalia Gonzalo




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