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Empower Your Child's Future with an Unforgettable English Summer School Experience

Imagine your child confidently navigating the global stage, their voice strong and ideas understood.

At English on the Run, we understand that mastering English is more than learning a language; it's opening doors to a world of opportunities.

With our handpicked London English summer school programme, your child won't just learn English; they'll live it, breathe it, and return transformed.

Burlington School in london - Young Learner Programmes

take advantage of our special relationship

With our direct ties to the London's Burlington School, particularly the head of the Young Learners Programme, we ensure your child's education is entrusted to those as committed to their success as you are.

Our London English summer school programme combines rigorous language learning with critical life skills development, ideal for aspiring global citizens aged 11-17.

The creative project-based courses are completely focused on speaking skills. Each week students work together to learn what they need to design and present a project.

Competencies covered:

- Public speaking

- Critical and creative thinking

- Study skills

- Collaboration skills

- Intercultural communication

Study options

We recommend a study period of a minimum of 2 weeks to really take advantage of the experience and see a fundamental change in your child's English and perspective.

Packages offered:

Full package (lessons, social programme, accommodation and food)

Day package (lessons, social programme)

Course only (lessons)

You can choose to stay at the onsite accommodation or stay with a family (14+).

Complete the form with your contact details and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We want to learn more about your children and decide what is best for them.

Experience the School First-Hand

Explore the enriching environment of an English course abroad at Burlington School in London this summer:

Learn from us with our valuable parents blog:

Navigating your child's education is challenging and it's not always easy to know which path to take.

At the English on the Run English academy, we want to support you and your family to benefit from the wealth that learning languages can bring to your lives.

We are constantly writing articles to help you with this journey towards having fluent English or ideally bilingual kids.

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