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Empowering young minds: Building Confidence and fluency in English

English for kids: Bilingual skills for a bright future

Connecting your children with the world. At our English academy, we strengthen your children's bilingual skills. Our innovative online English for kids and programmes for young learners create a solid foundation for their future success. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, we cultivate confidence and fluency in English, ensuring that your child can communicate confidently and explore countless opportunities in an interconnected global world.

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Fun english for kids: Connecting young minds worldwide

At English on the Run, we've created our programmes with your child's growth in mind, aiming to empower young individuals to confidently express themselves in English.

We are committed to "online" courses because we want your child to interact with different children around your country and other countries too. It's much more interesting speaking about life topics when other students come from different cultures!

What's more, our children love our classes because they take advantage of the latest technology to provide engaging and fun sesssions.

What sets us apart is that when your child becomes a part of English on the Run, they're not just enrolling in a course – they're joining a community of young learners who, maybe one day, could visit each other in their home countries!

Of course, we follow the European Standard Framework for languages and create courses designed to take your student step by step to a level where they are unstoppable in English.

Discover a world of possibilities with our fun english for kids

We understand that investing in your children's education is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Our commitment is to provide them with the tools to confidently communicate in English, a skill that will take them far in an increasingly globalized world. 

By joining our community, your children will not only gain fluent English, but also connect with kids from around the globe, opening their minds to new perspectives. We want to be a part of their learning and growth journey, helping them to create a bright future.

OUr innovative courses...

Activate & Accelerate

1 to 1 classes

Personal classes for your child to help them achieve a specific goal such as pass an exam or just overcome their fear of speaking.

from 90 euros a month

Let's convo HUB

Join our exciting English conversation hub, our own community for young teens to do fun challenges, quizzes, games and chats with other students.

19 euros a month



Access to the "Let's Convo Hub" plus one group class per month with an expert teacher to revise and reinforce their speaking skills.

from 59 euros a month

Our courses: English for kids and teens

At English on the Run, we offer innovative courses to activate and accelerate your English learning. With our personalized English for Kids classes your children will learn to interact in a natural way in English. They will learn the key skills to a natural English fluency.

We also provide the exciting "Let's Convo HUB," where teen learners can join our community for fun challenges, quizzes, games, and conversations with other students. And if you're looking to take your fluency to the next level, "LET'S CONVO HUB PLUS" gives you access to additional group classes with experts to reinforce your speaking skills. Starting at just 19 euros per month, our courses are affordable and effective. 

Join English on the Run and discover how to improve your English skills in a fun and efficient way.

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Take your child's english to the next level

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