create an english daily habit.

join us for your english daily workout


I’m Audrey and I’m an English trainer and coach. 

I’m here to challenge you.

Let’s get you communicating more in English.

Let’s get you understanding more English.

Let me help you fit English into your busy schedule.



welcome to english on the run.

your English daily workout, wherever, whenever.



A coach in your pocket

I’m here for you with constant contact via Whatsapp or email.

Not only answering questions, but keeping you motivated.

Easy to book video calls means I’m always by your side.

Daily activities

5-10 minutes tasks that you can literally do “on the run”.

Tasks which focus on communication skills to get you speaking and understanding more.

Record your response.

Complete short speaking activities by voice or video recording.

Send them to direct to me via Whatsapp or load them into your Digital classroom.


Teacher feedback

Receive feedback and corrections on accuracy, pronunciation and recommendations on better ways to communicate what you want to say.

Your daily calendar

Access your daily activity, direct on your phone through Google Calendar.

Complete the activity in your own time.

One to one lessons

Book a video call to put your learning into practice.
Even for just 15 minutes.

There’s always time for practice!


Audrey is really professional and dedicated to your learning. 100% recomendable.

Emilce Martinez, Radiologist

Audrey created a study programme perfect for my needs as a restaurant owner. It's a really interesting way to learn English.

Moises Plazas Cebrian, Restaurant Owner

I used to think I was the problem. Now I realise that I just hadn’t found the right teacher and the right way to study. I’m practising my English regularly with interesting materials and regular Skype calls that are booked in to fit into my schedule.

Gianni Origgi, IT Director

Practice on a regular basis

The more you put your English into practice on a regular basis, the easier it becomes to communicate and understand, if you just study once a week, it’s difficult to make big improvements.

Relevant content

Learning a language needs to be relevant to your life. Vocabulary and expressions that are relevant to you, things that you can use.

Fits your Schedule

Language learning needs to evolve with our busy lives. It needs to be flexible but personal, it needs to fit your schedule. A schedule that is probably changing on a weekly basis, or even daily.







I love learning languages. I speak Italian and I’m currently learning Spanish and Catalan. I started late, at 31 years old, and I passionately believe that everybody can speak English.

So many times, people say to me, I’m just not good at learning languages.
No, it’s not true!
Stop listening to that voice in the head and try learning English on the Run.

No seriously, as your English teacher and coach, my mission is to help you find time in your day to learn English and to learn it in a way that inspires and motivates you.

“You’ll have me as your coach making sure you’re staying on track.

You’ll receive messages direct to your phone designed to improve your vocabulary,

your communication skills or whatever specifically you need to work on.

You can decide how much teacher contact you want.”