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Do you find it difficult to understand English native speakers?

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I love it! I need it, I am trying to go to the next level with my English knowledge and it’s so good to hear real-life English conversation!

Nicole Cutrufo

Digital Guest Experience Strategist


Why not try working out your listening with our fun English podcast?

Even better, it’s free!

It was created by me, Audrey, and Abigail from Confident English with Abigail.

Join us as we talk about life around the world, cultural differences and things that have surprised us on our travels.

We’re both online English teachers who have learnt different languages and travelled and lived in different countries around the world.

We love talking about what we have found different, fascinating and funny whilst living and travelling in different countries.
You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or your favourite podcast player or listen directly here: You don’t say?! Podcast

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