Do you want your kids to learn to really communicate in English?

Imagine your kids speaking with other kids from all around Europe.


Imagine your kids participating in interactive, practical and fun English classes.


Imagine them speaking and communicating, not just boring grammar from a textbook.


Your child can still learn English in a fun and dynamic way without wearing a mask.


Come and join us!


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I am Audrey, a native English speaker from Australia and I have been teaching English for over 15 years and for already 3 years online.

I am passionate about teaching English.

I even have an English podcast for my learners to listen to real English conversation. (

I like to get to know my students well and help them the best I can.

Hundreds of students have already learned English with my practical and direct method.

For the start of the new 2020 school year, I am offering online classes for children and teens with one main focus:

Communicate in English!

Plus, I’ll be honest, I’m really excited about getting students together from all around Europe. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?!

What’s included in the course:

Classes starting in October 2020!



8-10 YEARS
Let’s start to speak English. Lots of games and songs to get your child speaking and enjoying English.
Level A1 (basic)

11-12 YEARS
Let’s start to speak. They have the basics but they are afraid to speak. Lots of games and videos to inspire storytelling and conversation.
Level A1/A2 (basic/elementary)

13-15 YEARS

Conversation classes with mini-projects together.
Level A2/B1 (elementary/pre-intermediate)

15-18 YEARS

For the more confident communicator. We start to debate, create projects and create stories together.

18 +

University life focus, getting prepared for the world of work, and meeting people all around the world. All conversation!

COST: 50 euros per month

Teens will have access to an APP to practice at home.
Children may have a physical book to aid online learning.

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk more about how the classes will work.

Your child can participate in a free mini-class to see if he likes it.


For more information, please fill in your details and I'll be in contact.

1 + 10 =

New materials and interesting ways to study.

I keep the students motivated.

Not just in class!

I also want to motivate the children to practice autonomously.

Children will have a book and / or folder in Google Classroom to practice at home with songs, games and stories.

Teens will have a mobile app to practice and follow the class  as well.

Tell me more!


If you want to learn more about the classes and all of the ideas I have, please get in contact.


Whatsapp: +34657343954