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Multiple Clients in the First Month

Language Matters - Claire Schneider

Scaling her Business!

Express English Coaching - Nicola Pollock

11 High-Ticket Clients in 20 days

Bigler's Coaching - Liz Bigler

✨Selling high-ticket for the first time (1000$+ per new client upfront)

New Acquisition channels for consistent growth

Scalable business model and stop swapping time for money

Launching group programs

Developing earning skills for life

Mindset breakthroughs result of being around driven coaches

Building Digital products

Unique Installable Software for Course creation, marketing and Sales

🎉High satisfaction with the level of support

Common Results

Business & Career Breakthrough

English Fluency For Women - Loretta Heuther

High-Ticket Clients & New Acquisition Channels

Health ESL - Kate Abarbanel

Clients & Systems

Bath City Language Coaching - Simon Green

Groups of clients and new program

Sandra Wood Coaching - Sandra Wood

9 new clients in 6 weeks and new services

English On The Run - Audrey Smith

Groups of clients and New systems

English with ease - Claire Ellis

High-Ticket clients and new acquisition channels

Learn London - Dan Caffarey

Mindset and life breakthroughs

Zdenek Teacher- Zdenek Lukas


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