I always remember when I got my first thesaurus.

Before that, I didn’t know what it was. I had heard of a dictionary but a thesaurus no.

A whole book dedicated to providing words which are similar to other words…..amazing!

Now, online, it’s even better and it’s such a great way to increase your English vocabulary.

My favourite website is: https://www.wordhippo.com/

You can do a lot on the site, but the best place to start with is the synonyms tool.

So many times, I have seen my students use the same words such as “beautiful” and “important” or “good”. With a little inspiration you can take your communication to the next level.

Here are my 3 steps to learning some new words:


Here are some commonly used words in English, why not try putting one of them into the website to try to learn some new words:

  1. easy
  2. beautiful
  3. good
  4. bad
  5. nice


Choose a new word and then click on the other tabs in the website. Here below you can see I have chosen to see how to pronounce the word “integral”. I can also see it used in sentences too.


Write down at least one sentence using your new word. The more sentences the better!

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