Today, let’s have a look at two commonly confused words:

lend and borrow


Can you spot the mistake in this sentence?

Can you borrow me a pen, please?

Scroll down to find the answer.





Correct would be: Can you lend me a pen, please?

The response to the question would be: Yes, you can borrow my pen.


So, to help you remember:

YOU borrow money FROM the bank.

The bank is the LENDER.

More examples: 

I don’t like lending money to friends.

My friend is always borrowing my clothes without asking.

The bank doesn’t want to lend me money as they think I’m a credit risk.


Now, let’s go a bit deeper and learn three very useful expressions for “lend”.

So, tell me:

When was the last time you lent a hand to someone?

Are you someone who always tries to lend an ear to your friends?

Do you think it’s good that celebrities lend their names to charities?

Record yourself answering these questions or write what you would say. Listen to yourself again and try to evaluate yourself.

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