Summer is here for us in the northern hemisphere but it’s strange, isn’t it?
Are you planning any trips?
I think I won’t leave Mallorca this summer. Maybe I’ll just take a short trip to Ibiza.
What about you?

How are you going with your English journey?
Do you have any plans to work on your English this summer?

It can be a great time to work on your skills. Many people decide to take a rest but personally, I find I am a little more relaxed and I like taking the time to study a little bit.

To help keep you motivated, I’ve got three little tips to keep you on track:

#1 Podcasts!
Do you listen to any English podcasts yet?

What’s better? You’re laying on the beach, put in our headphones and get in a bit of English learning practice. You can listen to all sorts of things in all sort of levels.

My suggestion is that you listen to topics you’re interested in, not podcasts about grammar or phrasal verbs.

Don’t forget to check out mine and Abigail’s new English conversation podcast, You don’t say?!.
“Real” English conversation to help you understand native speakers of English.

Check it out here:

#2 Engoo- Learn new vocabulary reading the news
Do you know this website for improving your reading skills?

It’s an easy to use website with current news articles to read.

The great thing is that they identify interesting vocabulary and give you the definitions.
Sometimes, you can also listen to an audio version too. 
Let me know what you think!

3# Reserve your free English strategy call with me.
Feeling a little unmotivated or stuck with your English progress?

Let’s sit down and look at how you can get back on track.
I’m happy to give you some advice about what are the best activities to help you keep improving and achieving your goals.
Just click here to book your free, no-obligation call:

My passion is to help people achieve their goals.

Let me help you!

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Take care guys,

Audrey Smith

Founder, English on the Run

Making your English a daily habit so you can communicate with the world.