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I’m too busy to study English!

It’s not easy to find the time to practise English.

I know, life is busy, right?


You’re tired of just talking about the weather in English with your foreign colleagues.

You’re missing the words to discuss things that you’re really interested in.

And, when you have to sit down at that video conference with those native English speakers, you start sweating!

No small talk please! You’re only comfortable talking about your job.

You’d really love to discuss that interesting article you read in the news today but you stop yourself.

 You’d love to tell them that funny story about when you got stuck in the lift, but maybe they won’t laugh.



 I don’t have the vocabulary.

They won’t understand me.

I’m not fluent enough.

It’s time to try something new.

 Let’s make English a habit – a simple habit that fits easily into your daily routine.

A little bit each day, I promise!

Get inspired with engaging activities designed to improve your English day by day.


 The English Daily Workout


  The English Daily Workout is a daily activity sent directly to you, 6 days a week.

Each day,  from Monday to Saturday, you will receive a daily activity focused on helping you communicate clearer and more fluently in English.

This is your chance to build a simple habit to get your English into shape.



Every week, daily activities to work out your English.


Monday is dedicated to trying new expressions and challenging your vocabulary.

Tuesday is listening and comprehension with a current video.

Wednesday is dedicated to taking a closer look at a useful word or two and how we can use them in different ways. 

Every Thursday we consider a topic from different angles.

Improve your ability to discuss the news.

Friday has to be about a little bit of fun.

Usually we do fun quizzes or exercises to relax a little.

But wait!

I can’t study on my own.

I’m not disciplined enough!


Don’t worry!

I can’t study a language on my own either!

So, that’s why you have daily access to me via Whatsapp or email.

I give you daily corrections and feedback or even just a dose of motivation!

PLUS you book in a weekly class to practice and revise your activities. If you have any particular weaknesses, I can propose extra activities to help you.

So just to summarise:


You’ll be learning new vocabulary.

You’ll be improving your pronunciation.

You’ll be challenging your listening skills.

You’ll be speaking regularly either directly with me or via audio message.

I’m here to give you your personal dose of motivation.

I’m your English personal trainer!

Take your first step to creating a daily habit



Choose from three different levels:


1) New to training.

I can read English but I have big difficulties speaking! I think of myself as an “elementary” learner.

2)  English fitness survivor.

I can survive in most situations but I need to work on my English more. 

3)  On the road to top fitness

I feel like I know English well but I don’t feel fully fluent. Sometimes I’m missing the words I want when discussing complex topics.   

Is this workout right for me?


Activities are for adults who want to communicate more effectively in their daily work and personal life. 

The activities focus on communication. 

You will discuss news topics, life issues and learn useful vocabulary to help you communicate clearer and in a more natural way.

A curious mind is recommended!

There’s nothing to lose. The only way to know if it’s right for you is to try.

Try your free 7-day workout today!

Give it a go!     

A little about me…

I love learning languages. I speak Italian and I’m currently learning Spanish and Catalan. I started late, at 31 years old, and I passionately believe that everybody can speak English.

So many times, people say to me, I’m just not good at learning languages.
No, it’s not true!

Stop listening to that voice in your head and learn with me.

Seriously, as your personal English trainer, my mission is to help you find time in your day to learn English and to learn it in a way that inspires and motivates you.