How joining a community can improve your English

Join a community and learn to communicate with confidence.

The internet is an amazing place. You can connect with so many people in all parts of the world. 

When you’re learning English, you are also learning with a lot of people!

There are millions of people just like you. It’s amazing when you think about it.

A good way to get in some extra practice for your English is to join a community or try a language exchange.

Let me share with you some different communities free and paid where you can practice your English with like-minded people.


When I first was studying Italian. I realised I needed someone patient, someone who was willing to listen to me trying to formulate basic phrases. I knew the basics but I needed practice!

The best thing I ever did was find an language exchange buddy.

There are many apps and websites that offer these services.

A well-known one is called Tandem. Set up a profile about which language your want to learn and which one you can offer help with. Complete some details about your interests and start contacting people who could be a good match for you.

Learn more here:

TThere are also many Facebook communities where people are keen to find language exchange partners. You could try the Foreign Language Community here: The Foreign Language Community Facebook Group

Another more structured Language Exchange Community is “The Online Language Exchange”. Here, you can book into specific online sessions at a time suitable to you. You can trial it for free. More information here: Online Language Exchange



How about joining a community where you can practice speaking or writing English with all sorts of people around the world?

My colleague Zdenek has set up a great online English community in the app Discord. Just download the app for free and join the “server” with this link: Learn English Online Discord community

There are different chats both voice and written and different activities like quizzes and game nights to sign up for. The community is a friendly bunch of English teachers (including Zdenek and I) who want to help you communicate more in English.

Make sure you start at the “Welcome” page!

We also have a great community page in Facebook for our podcast You don’t say?! we discuss the different episodes and what we think. You can vote for new episode ideas as well.

Join us here: You don’t say?! Podcast discussion group

We also have a free discussion group for the Daily Workout Programme, I post different exercises and you can write in the comments to participate and practice.

Join here: English Daily Workout Discussion Group

Finally, for beginners, we have a chat group on Signal. Just send me a message and I will send you the personal link to join.


 What are your hobbies and passions?

 Could you practise them in English?

Let’s take tennis for example. Maybe it’s not possible to play tennis in English where you live but you could follow groups online that talk about tennis. How about following Instagram hashtags about tennis? Maybe you’ll be able to connect with other people who live tennis too!

I love following information about the environment in English on Instagram and I follow a Mallorquin cooking group on Facebook where they speak in Spanish and Catalan. 

Another useful website is . Now they have online events in different languages with all different topics and activities to participate in.

You could even go further and sign up to study something in English. Maybe you’d like to improve your painting, why not join a class and do it in English. You’ll learn a skill and hopefully meet people who share your interests too!

Feeling inspired? What could you do?



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