Choose a plan that works for you


Get communicating and understanding more REAL English with personal activities sent directly to you.

Personalised content.

Personalised exercises.

Just for you.

A personal coach right in your pocket, every day.


Do you feel like you know English but when you speak it doesn’t come out how you were thinking in your head? Do you feel embarassed when you speak? Or maybe you just don’t have time to have traditional English lessons?


Need something custom-made exactly for you? Need to practice something specific? Let me set up a custom programme. Choose how much teacher contact you want, what skills you need to develop based on your objectives.


  • Get thinking and learning with daily activities based on a weekly topic based on your interests
  • Get talking with new vocabulary and discussion questions to consider
  • On the run chats with your teacher via voice recordings designed to get you talking and using your new vocabulary
  • Feedback is your friend as you receive corrections for every voice recording you make
  • 30 minute coffee break chats online with your coach to really get you talking


  • A video question sent directly to you, every day for 15 days.
  • Video and written feedback about common errors, pronouncation problems, and vocabulary ideas.
  • Your own personal classroom to access all activities, feedback and follow up activities.
  • Book one to one time with me at a special rate.
  • Option to expand the challenge to an extra 15 days.


  • Personalised activities designed especially for you and your goals
  • Feedback is your friend with corrections of all voice and writing activities
  • Coffee break online chats or WhatsApp messaging with your coach, you decide what works better for you
  • Innovative real-life English materials which keep you engaged

*We would like to know more about your needs, this enables us to provide the best experience for you, please fill out the survey and we will contact you.