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Step 1

Complete my student profile so I can get to know you.The free trial week is absolutely free and I won’t be asking for any payment details.

Please provide your phone number if you prefer to receive activities via phone instead of email.

Step 2

Check your email to confirm that you definitely want to participate in the free trial

You will need to dedicate about 15 minutes a day to different activities plus schedule in a 15/30 coffee break chat with me online.

Step 3

Wait for your first activity sent direct to your phone or email and start learning!

All of the activities will be saved into your personal library to access  whenever you want.  



Experience my personalised and innovative way of learning English with a one week trial of my “Let’s Discuss” programme: A weekly workout with a specially chosen topic to get you thinking and speaking.

Broaden your vocabulary and ability to talk about a range of different topics with interesting activities that

you can do On the Run.



Sure, I understand maybe now is not a good time, or you’re not sure if this is what you need.

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